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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2016-17 Cambridge ESS (NERC) DTP Cohort


First Name
Second Name
Research Project Lead Supervisor Department Funding
Hannah Cubaynes Wales from space: studying baleen whales by satellites Peter Fretwell BAS/SPRI  
Laura Cope Variability of zonal jets Peter Haynes DAMTP NERC (full)
Maksim Dadonau     DAMTP  
Anne Herrmann   Ray Goldstein DAMTP  
Chris Howland Finding the LIMIT: Layering, Irreversible Mixing, Instability and Turbulence in the World's Oceans Colm Caulfield DAMTP NERC (full)
Benjamin Jackson   Stuart Dalziel DAMTP  
Niklas Korsbo   Ray Goldstein DAMTP  
Neeraja Bhamidipati Flow in turbitudes Simon Redfern Earth Sciences  
Stefan Farsang High-P/T water-mineral interactions and the liquid-liquid transition of water Simon Redfern Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Xiaolei Feng Material Properties of Deep Planetary Interiors Simon Redfern Earth Sciences  
Alena Giesche Climate Change and the Indus Civilisation David Hodell Earth Sciences  
Matthew Gleeson Spatial variations in magmatic plumbing systems of Galápagos volcanoes Sally Gibson Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Luke Grinham Bipedality: the origins of a major evolutionary innovation among vertebrates David Norman Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Charlotte Jackson Evolution of the continental mantle halogen reservoir  Sally Gibson Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Christina Larkin Past changes in the Arctic Ocean geochemical sources and advection to the Atlantic Alexander Piotrowski Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Callum Reekie Isotopic constraints on the distribution of chalcophile elements in magmatic systems Helen Williams Earth Sciences  
Nicola Thomas Orbital and millennial-scale climate change across the Middle Pleistocene Transition David Hodell Earth Sciences  
Thomas Winder Induced seismicity in Iceland caused by the 2014-15 Holuhraun dyke injection Robert White Earth Sciences NERC (full)
Julia Woitischek Persistently degassing lava lakes Marie Edmonds Earth Sciences NERC (half)
Jean-Philippe Baudounin Winter rain, summer rain: adaptation, climate change, resilience and the Indus Civilisation (TwoRains) Michael Bithell Geography  
Helen Brooks Can nature protect us from the coastal impacts of climate change? Iris Möller Geography NERC (full)
Annemarie Eckes Improving our understanding of the role of terrestrial ecosystem dynamics in the global carbon cycle Andrew Friend Geography  
Amy McGuire The Quaternary climate of the eastern Mediterranean: insights into changes in climate and environment and their impact on human populations Christine Lane Geography  
James Pollard Temporal and spatial patterns of shoreline change and exposure of coastal communities and ecosystems to future flood risks Tom Spencer Geography  
Hyesop Shin Assessing vulnerability to air pollution in East Asian cities using an agen-based approach Michael Bithell Geography  
Oliver Taherzadeh Global hydrology and the resource nexus Michael Bithell Geography  
Tom Chudley Tracking water under the Greenland Ice Sheet with UAVs Poul Christoffersen Geography-SPRI NERC (full)
Samuel Cook Will fast glaciers accelerate further under warming climate? Poul Christoffersen Geography-SPRI NERC (full)
Praveen Teleti Antarctic and Southern Ocean climate change reconstructed from historical records Julian Dowdeswell Geography-SPRI  
Laura Bentley Evaluating the ecosystem services and disservices provided by Mediterranean woodland David Coomes Plant Sciences NERC (full)
Roisin Fattorini How to Spot a Daisy: Evolution of Petal Spots and Their Role in Speciation. Beverley Glover Plant Sciences NERC (full)
Myriam Goudet Evolution, phylogeny and diversity of the chloroplast pyrenoid in marine microbes Howard Griffiths Plant Sciences NERC (half)
Jonathan Williams Low-cost airborne remote sensing for tropical forest restoration  David Coomes Plant Sciences  
Caitlin Andrews Personality Correlates of Life History Traits, Social Networks, and Post-Translocation Survival in Wild Hihi Rose Thorogood Zoology  
Emma Garnett How to Reduce the Environmental Footprint of People's Diets Andrew Balmford Zoology NERC (full)
Ki Woong Kang To investigate the biomechanics and material properties of the mouthparts of insects for future applications in medicine and technology. Walter Federle Zoology  
Eleanor Miller Using molecular genetics to help reconcile food William Amos Zoology  
Maria Gabriela Montejo Kovacevich Climate Adaptations in a Tropical Butterfly Chris Jiggins Zoology NERC (full)
Aime Rankin Assessing the information content of fossilizable data and the phylogenetic relationships of basal mammaliaforms. Robert Asher Zoology  
Issar Swastika Isolation & patterns of variation in natural populations of burying beetles (Nicrophorous vespiloides) Rebecca Kilner Zoology  
Feng Tang Predicting the potential distribution and ecological impacts of a new freshwater invader, the quagga mussel (Dreissena rostriformis bugensis), in a British freshwater system David Aldridge Zoology  
Hannah Wauchope Global waterbird population trends: drivers of decline and efficacy of conservation measures William Sutherland Zoology