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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2017-18 Cambridge ESS (NERC) DTP Cohort


First Name
Second Name
Research Project Lead Supervisor Department Funding
Hisham Ali Explaining the ecological diversity of Mycalesine butterflies Paul Brakefield Zoology  
Karol Bacik Nathalie Vriend DAMTP
Conor Bacon  Seismic tomography of southeast Asia Nick Rawlinson Earth Sciences
Lily Bentley The limit is the sea, not the sky; the importance of habitat accessibility and preference for understanding seabird distributions and abundance. Andrea Manica Zoology
Matthew Brady Sniffing Hydrated Minerals for Life David Hodell Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Danny Buss Whale population structuring in the polar South Atlantic Jennifer Jackson BAS NERC DTP
Alec Christie Determining the biases and consistency in the evidence for conservation biology William Sutherland Zoology NERC DTP
Sam Coffin Polar Algae - exploiting cold tolerant phenotypes in polar algae for increased growth and metabolite production Melody Clark BAS NERC DTP NPIF
Kez Conroy From provinciality to trans-continentality: the evolving scale of hominin species ranges Rob Foley Biological Anthropology NERC DTP
Roberto Correa Maximising Return on Investment for elephant and ape conservation in Africa Andrew Balmford Zoology
James Crosby The source and flux of volatiles in Earth’s lithospheric mantle Sally Gibson Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Becky Dell Melting, ponding and refreezing on Antarctic ice shelves Ian Willis SPRI NERC DTP
Emily Doyle Geochemical study of sulphate and sodium in ice cores too improve the interpretation and use of volcanic and sea ice proxies Eric Wolff Earth Sciences
Christopher Duncan Succession and inheritance in animal societies Timothy Clutton-Brock Zoology
Madeleine Emms There, and back again: range contractions and recolonization of the Red Sea by coral reef fishes during the last glacial. Andrea Manica Zoology
Xiaolei Feng Materials Properties of Deep Planetary Interiors Simon Redfern Earth Sciences  
Caitlin Frankish Incorporating behaviour and habitat preference to improve assessments of the vulnerability of seabirds to fisheries Richard Phillips BAS NERC DTP (fees only)
Katherine Grayson Near-surface interactions between strongly nonlinear internal gravity waves Stuart Dalziel DAMTP NERC DTP NPIF
Alex Gutai Mixing and eruption of crystal laden bubbly magmas in the shallow crust Andy Woods Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Sridhar Halali Evolution of sex traits: contrasting rate of evolution of sexual ornamentation, male sex pheromones and genitalia across sympatric and allopatric species pairs in Asian Mycalesines Paul Brakefield Zoology  
Alec Hutchings Biogeochemical heavy metal (Cr, U) cycling in coastal wetlands: Insights from salt marsh sediments Sasha Turchyn Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Janice Johnson Ulf Buentgen Geography  
Rian Lawrence Biogeochemistry of marginal marine environments and the impact on the global carbon cycle Sasha Turchyn Earth Sciences
Zhi Li High-resolution imaging on the core-mantle boundary Sanne Cottaar Earth Sciences
Alexander Lozinski Radiation Exposure to Satellites in Medium Earth Orbit Sarah Glauert BAS NERC DTP NPIF
Matthew Maitra Long period free-oscillations of the Earth David Al-Attaar Earth Sciences  
Arlie McCarthy Variation in predation by soft-bodied predators from the tropics to the poles David Aldridge Zoology
Elisabeth Meulendijks Assessing the Role of Forests and Landscapes in relation to Climate Change, Agricultural Production and Livelihoods Andrew Balmford Zoology
Leo Middleton Modelling the ice-shelf ocean boundary layer John Taylor DAMTP NERC DTP
James O'Shea Tracking the aftermath of the Cambrian Explosion with Small Carbonaceous Fossils (SCFs) Nick Butterfield Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Abigail Parker Ecometric Analysis of the Effects of Environment and Mammals on the Traits of Fossil Reptile Communities Jason Head Zoology
Michael Pashkevich Jr. Investigating spider ecology and biodiversity in Southeast Asia oil palm plantations Edgar Turner Zoology
Lucy Roberts Evolution of axial skeleton diversity in reptiles Jason Head Zoology NERC DTP
John Staunton-Sykes VHALS: Volcanic sources of Halogens And their cLimate impactS Alex Archibald Chemistry NERC DTP
Frank Syvret Theoretical and computational studies in full-waveform inversion David Al-Attar Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Dieter Tetzner Whipping up a storm – reconstructing winds using Antarctic ice cores Liz Thomas BAS
Emily Tilby Environmental Impacts on Neanderthal Extinction in Southwest Asia: Climate Reconstruction of Marine Isotope Stage 3 (57-29 ka) Based on Small Mammal Records from Shanidar Cave (Iraqi Kurdistan) Preston Miracle Archaeology NERC DTP
Omry Volk   Seismicity and tectonics of North Borneo Nick Rawlinson Earth Sciences
Ruixue Wang Investigations of oceanic rare earth elements and Nd isotope cycling Alex Piotrowski Earth Sciences
Penny Wieser Kilauea Volcano’s high fountaining eruptions: the story from the crystals Marie Edmonds Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Sam Woodman Andrew Tanentzap Plant Sciences
Benjamin Young Avalanche! Getting to “the bottom” of geophysical mass flows Nathalie Vriend DAMTP NERC DTP
Le Yuan Low cost sensor networks for air pollution monitoring in Beijing Alex Archibald Chemistry