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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2018-19 Cambridge ESS (NERC) DTP Cohort

First Name
Second Name
Research Project Lead Supervisor Sup Department Funding
Dominic  Absolon Shining a light on microbial dark matter: a role for the forgotten B vitamins in marine algal communities? Alison Smith Plant Sciences NERC DTP
Nicholas Barber Precious metals and volcanic plumes Marie Edmonds Earth Sciences  
Andrew Catherall Local adaptation in the burying beetle: ecological causes and evolutionary consequences Rebecca Kilner Zoology NERC DTP
Benedict Conway-Jones Dynamic Topography, Landscapes and Source to Sink Nicky White Earth Sciences  
Conor Cooper Innovation and improvement in conservation practice Bill Sutherland Zoology NERC DTP
Kathryn Dodds The evolution of the early solar system and early Earth inferred from paleomagnetism Richard Harrison Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Robert Edwin Rouse   Scott Hosking BAS  
Anna Farre I Orteu The genetic basis for wing pattern variation in African diadem butterflies Chris Jiggins Zoology NERC DTP
Linshu Feng Unlocking the sediment archive of carbon consumption by chemcial weathering from the Mekong River in SE Asia Ed Tipper Earth Sciences  
Erika Freeman Protecting aquatic ecosystems with better forest management practices Andrew Tanentzap Plant Sciences  
Rachel  Furner New modelling tools for addressing computationally challenging climate science problems involving the ocean carbon cycle Emily Shuckburgh BAS NERC DTP
Patricia (Hannah) Galbraith-Olive MultiScale applications of Radia Miscible Viscous Fingering in Thick Horizontal Layers Nicky White Earth Sciences  
Premdeep (Prem) Gill Studying Antarctic ice seals by remote sensing Peter Fretwell BAS NERC DTP
Megan Holdt Investigating the influence of dynamic topographic on landscape evolution Nicky White Earth Sciences  
Katherine (Kate) Howlett The biodiversity of school grounds and the potential of school green spaces for improving Edgar Turner Zoology NERC DTP
James Kirkham Water flow beneath past ice sheets Kelly Hogan BAS NERC DTP
Robert (Rob) Law Tracking atmospheric heat at the base of the Greenland Ice Sheet using fibre-optic sensors Poul Christoffersen SPRI NERC DTP
Scott Li Geological Fluid Mechanics Andy Woods EArth Sciences (BPI)  
Philippa (Pip) Liggins Atmospheric Fingerprints of Volcanism Oliver Shorttle Earth Sciences  
Joseph Lillington Modelling Radioactive Waste Glass Dissolution Ian Farnan Earth Sciences  
Harry Linang Linking landscape evolution with mantle processes in North Borneo Nick Rawlinson Earth Sciences  
Dennis Mayk What Are The Costs Of Biomineralization? Liz Harper Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Jake  Moscrop Strategies to optimise pollination of the UK field bean crop Beverley Glover Plant Sciences  
Stephen Pugh Seismic signatures of deep stagnating slabs Sanne Cottaar Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Svetlana Radionovskaya Constraining the ocean's role in past atmospheric CO2 change: a geochemical fingerprinting approach Luke Skinner Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Isobel Rowell Ice core synthesis of Antarctic climate over the last 115,000 years Eric Wolff Earth Sciences  
Olivia Shears Building with Nature: the role of bio-physical linkages within coastal wetland restoration Iris Möller Geography NERC DTP
Youngsub (Matthew) Shin Atlantic Climate System: Integrated Studies (ACSIS)  Alex Archibald Chemistry NERC DTP
Leonardo Siqueira Uplift, Denudation and Sedimentary Flux of South America Nicky White Earth Sciences  
Caroline Soderman Tracing mineralogical variations in the Earth's mantle: implications for accretion and the onset of tectonic recycling Helen Williams Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Anne Thomas Predicting alpine plant sensitivity to future environmental change by looking into the past Andrew Tanentzap Plant Sciences  
Benjamin Tindal A tropical view of late Neoproterozoic
glaciation: sedimentary insights from glacial
deposits in Rondonia, Brazil
Alexander Liu Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Risa Ueno Machine learning for Megacities: Understanding the impact of future climate extremes on energy resilience Scott Hosking BAS NERC DTP (NPIF)
Nathanael Walker-Hale Utilising phylogenomic patterns to drive the discovery and functional characterization of genes underlying adaptation and innovation at the macro-evolutionary scale. Samuel Brockington Plant Sciences  
Craig Walton Deep time phosphorus cycling: the petrological record Oli Shorttle Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Katarzyna (Kasia) Warburton The response of Antarctic ice streams to tidal forcing Jerome Neufeld DAMTP NERC DTP
James Weber CONTEST: Feedbacks between COpositioN and Climate in the Earth System. Alex Archibald Chemistry  
Deborah Wehner Bridging the Moho: joint inversion of seismic body and surface wave data for crust and lithospheric mantle structure Nick Rawlinson Earth Sciences  
Andrew Whyte Solving a gneiss problem: the structure and origin of the Earth's oldest crust Owen Weller Earth Sciences NERC DTP
Aaron Wienkers Optimal perturbations and transition to turbulence at density fronts John Taylor DAMTP  
Brett Wilson Threatened Tulip Conservation in Central Asia Sam Brockington Plant Sciences NERC DTP