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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2019-20 Cambridge C-CLEAR NERC DTP Cohort

First Name
Second Name
Research Project Lead Supervisor Department Funding
Rachael Baxter Investigating timescales and processes in basaltic magma during storage  John Maclennan Earth Sciences  
Charlotte Gordon Magmatic sedimentology Marian Holness Earth Sciences DTP
Claire Guimond A mountainous propensity: Predicting the most massive habitable planet Oliver Shorttle Earth Sciences  
Seán Herron The Torridonian Mudstones: Implications for Early Life and Extraterrestrial Sedimentary Geology from the Neoproterozoic Diabaig Formation Neil Davies Earth Sciences  
Daniel James The history of human-climate-environment interactions in the lowlands of northern Yucatan inferred from speleothems David Hodell Earth Sciences  
Gabrielle Kleber The delivery and sourcing of methane in northern glacial environments Sasha Turchyn Earth Sciences  
Will Knapp Quantifying carbonate weathering with novel tracers Ed Tipper Earth Sciences DTP
Elizabeth Knight Understanding the relationships between earthquake cycles, geological structures, and seismic hazard Alex Copley Earth Sciences  
Jianqiao Kou Predicting El Nino: important processes and their representation in climate models Michael Herzog Geography  
Pei-Chen Kuo Assessing the ecological habits of the earliest modern birds with fossil and phenomic data Daniel Field Earth Sciences  
Ayesha Landon-Browne       Evolution of the early Earth crust-mantle system: a novel stable isotope perspective Helen Williams Earth Sciences  
Carl Martin Zooming in on small-scale structures on the core-mantle boundary Sanne Cottaar   Earth Sciences  
Elizabeth Martin   Rod Jones Chemistry  
Sophie Miocevich Earthquakes, metamorphism, and melting: understanding the behaviour and evolution of mountain ranges Alex Copley Earth Sciences DTP
Eric Newland Dynamics of Explosive Submarine Eruptions Andy Woods Earth Sciences DTP
Stuart Russell Mapping thermal structure, composition, and partial melt in the mantle's lower boundary layer Sanne Cottaar    Earth Sciences  
Armin Schmitt Assessing selectivity on avian gnome size and growth rate in the late end-Cretaceous system Daniel Field Earth Sciences  
Elizabeth Steell Investigating evolutionary relationships in passerine birds using a total-evidence approach Daniel Field Earth Sciences DTP
Chia-Yu Tien Magmatism as a Key to Unlocking Phanerozoic Dynamic Topography Nicky White Earth Sciences  
James Ball How resilient are tropical rainforest to anthropogenic climate change David Coomes Plant Sciences DTP
Tom Jameson The past, present, and future of South East Asian varanid lizards: Using palaeobiology to inform conservation planning David Coomes Plant Sciences DTP
Thea Kongsted The MYB/bHLH/WDR complex and the evolution of cellular diversity in plants Beverley Glover Plant Sciences DTP
Jonathan Rosser Untangling the web: Using machine learning to understand climate critical dynamics in the Southern Ocean Andrew Meijers BAS DTP
Zofia Staniaszek Can methane mitigation meet our climate commitment? Alex Archibald Chemistry DTP
Rachel Blow The smell of speciation - chemical signalling in butterfly diversification Chris Jiggins Zoology DTP