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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities
First Name Second Name Department Research Project Lead Supervisor
Nicholas  Barrett BAS/Earth Sciences Resistance of Antarctic marine species to predicted freshening and lower salinity in the Southern Ocean Lloyd Peck
Karla Boxall Geography: SPRI Investigating the dynamics of ice shelves and their contributing glaciers in Antarctica through the remote observation of their velocity variations Ian Willis
Mairenn  Collins-Attwood Zoology Exploiters and exploited: interspecific communication and recognition in an African bird Claire Spottiswoode
Katie  Delahooke Earth Sciences The Ediacaran biota in miniature: palaeoecological and palaeobiological insights from sub-centimetre fossils Alex Liu
Jenny  Dingwall DAMTP Simulating the vertical distribution of microplastics in the ocean John Taylor
Christian  Drerup Zoology Adaptions to visually noisy environments in cuttlefish James Herbert-Read
Jessica  Fleming Chemistry Assessment of measures to reduce exposure to air pollution: A quantitative analysis of interventions in the outdoor and indoor environment Rod Jones
Olivia  Hogg Earth Sciences Metal outgassing from Ambrym and Yasur volcanoes, Vanuatu Marie Edmonds
Alasdair  Knight Earth Sciences Muddying the waters: cation exchange processes as a major control on weathering fluxes Ed Tipper
Dorothea  Moser BAS/Earth Sciences Melting ice cores Liz Thomas
Elvinas  Ribinskas DAMTP Modelling seasonal variations in traction at glacier beds complemented by observations of a natural laboratory: Hofsjökull Ice Cap, Iceland Jerome Neufeld
Amy  Smith Plant Sciences Pathogenic viruses of bees and aphids: Are plants a common reservoir? (CASE) John Carr
Eva van der Heijden Zoology Dissecting the evolution of mimicry and bright wing patterns in tropical butterflies Chris Jiggins
Joseph  Webber DAMTP Fracturing of ice shelves Grae Worster
Ellie  Wilding Plant Sciences The resilience of savanna ecosystems to changing fire regimes Adam Pellegrini