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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2014-15 Cambridge ESS (NERC) DTP Cohort


Student First Name Student Second Name Research Project Lead Supervisor Department Funding
Mike   McCarthy Rubble Matters! How Can We Map the Thickness of Himalayan Glaciears? Hamish Pritchard BAS/Geography NERC Funded (full)
Lydia  Prieg Understanding the global economic impact of Arctic marine change Jeremy Wilkinson (BAS) BAS/Land Economy  
George   Foot Liverwort-Fungal Associations: Novel Symbioses in Polar Regions? Kevin Newsham BAS/Plant Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Cameron  Rae Atmospheric chemistry John Pyle (Chem) Chemistry  
David   Wade Chemistry-climate feedbacks in the paleo atmosphere Dr Alex Archibald Chemistry NERC Funded (full)
Steven  Campbell Atmospheric chemistry Markus Kalberer (Chem) Chemistry  
Adrien Lefauve Mixing in stratified shear flows Paul Linden (DAMTP) DAMTP  
Matthew   Arran Humps of Sand: Structure and Migration of Sand Dunes Nathalie Vriend DAMTP NERC Funded (full)
Philip  Rupp The Asian monsoon and its role in troposphere-to-stratosphere transport Peter Haynes (DAMTP) DAMTP  
Claire  Nichols X-ray and scanning microscopy of Fe-Ni meteorites Richard Harrison (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Camilla   Penney The Structure and Rheology of the Continental Lithosphere Alex Copley Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Elizabeth (Lil)   Read Biomineralogy of Marine Calcifying Organisms: Proxies and Ocean Acidification Simon Redfern Earth Sciences NERC Funded (part)
Euan   Mutch Interrogating the Crystal Cargo of Explosive Basaltic Eruptions John Maclennan Earth Sciences NERC Funded (part)
Fred  Richards Seismic Imaging and Analysis of Oceanic Basins and Continental Margins Nicky White Earth Sciences NERC Funded (part)
Greg  Walters Isotopic fractionation on mineral dehydration and dehydroxylation Simon Redfern (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Jennifer   Woods Scaling Laws, Mechanics and Mechanisms of Seismic Fracture Bob White Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Nicholas (Alex)   Dickinson Four Dimensional Imaging of Thermohaline Structure in the Water Column Nicky White Earth Sciences NERC Funded (part)
Ophelia   Crawford Investigating Coupling between Sea Levels, Ice Sheet Dynamics, and Solid Earth Deformation, with Application to the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet David Al-Attar Earth Sciences NERC Funded (part)
Joy  Muraszko Rock magnetism of pseudo single domain particles Richard Harrison (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Kathryn  Gunn Seismic imaging of Abyssal Currents on Three-Dimensional Datasets Nicky White (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Luca  Telesca Variation in shell composition and thickness with latitude and historical time  Liz Harper (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Sophie  Lawrence Seasonality and Habitat Effects of Long Term and Abrupt Climate Change Luke Skinner Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Nick  Evans Oxygen And Hydrogen Isotopes Of Mineral Hydration Water David Hodell (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Roberts  Blukis Chemical and magnetic nanostructures in minerals Richard Harrison (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Simon  Stephenson Neogene Uplift and Landscape Evolution of Madagascar Nicky White (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Will  McMahon Analogues For Martian Rivers In The Terrestrial Sedimentary Record Neil Davies (E Sci) Earth Sciences  
Andrew   Williamson The Role of Surface Water on the Energy Balance and Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet Ian Willis Geography NERC Funded (full)
Simon  Price Geology and geotechnical properties of Quaternary sediments in the English South Midlands Philip Gibbard (Geog) Geography  
Chloe  Orland Ecosystems and Global Change Andrew Tanentzap (Pl Sci) Plant Sciences  
Lauranne  Gateau Tropical ecology Ed Tanner (Pl Sci) Plant Sciences  
Alexandra   Bell Conserving Threatened Avifauna with Ecosystem Management Andrew Tanentzap Plant Sciences NERC Funded (fees only)
Gwen   Davis Evolution of Plant Breeding Systems: Male Form and Function in Nightshade Flowers Beverley Glover Plant Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Anne-Sophie  Bonnet-Lebrun The macroecological and macroevolutionary footprints of animal dispersal Andrea Manica (Zoo) Zoology  
Riva  Riley Social Behavior and Communication in Corydoras Andrea Manica (Zoo) Zoology  
Jack   Thorley Social Conflict and Strategic Growth in Social Mammals Tim Clutton-Brock Zoology NERC Funded (full)
Timothy   Kasoar Impacts and Perceptions of Rewilding Andrew Balmford Zoology NERC Funded (full)
Veronika  Siska Understanding selection during range expansions Andrea Manica (Zoo) Zoology  
Victoria  Franks Social interactions and the development of adaptive information use in juvenile songbirds Rose Thorogood (Zoo) Zoology