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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

2015-16 Cambridge ESS (NERC) DTP Cohort


First Name
Second Name
Research Project Lead Supervisor Department Funding
Ian  Ostericher Monumentality, Sustainable Land Use and Climate Change in the Forest-Steppe of Northern Mongolia Prof Charles French A&A (Archaeology)  
Amy King Carbon in ice: Examining the organic content of ice cores for climate reconstruction Markus Kalberer BAS/Chemistry NERC Funded (half)
Christine  McKenna Dynamical pathways for the influence of Arctic change on mid latitude weather and climate Tom Bracegirdle BAS/DAMTP NERC Funded (full)
Hayley  Allison Understanding the variability of the Earth’s electron radiation belts Richard Horne BAS/DAMTP NERC Funded (full)
Thomas  Hudson Volcano-ice interaction: using microseismicity to probe subglacial processes in Iceland Alex Brisbourne BAS/Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Emily  Potter Melting Himalayas: Using a regional climate model to simulate the effect of future climate change on the ‘Water Tower of Asia’ Andrew Orr BAS/Geography-SPRI NERC Funded (full)
Rebecca  Vignols Understanding future changes in Northern Hemisphere snow cove Gareth Marshall BAS/Geography-SPRI NERC Funded (full)
Felipe Simoes Phylogeography & Ecophysiology of Antarctic Insects Pete Convey BAS/Zoology  
Andrea  Chlebikova Size isn’t everything: Complex analysis of the dependence of size and composition on aerosol effects within the Earth system Alex Archibald Chemistry NERC Funded (full)
Conor  Bolas Isoprene Measurements In Tropical Forests Dr Neil Harris Chemistry NERC Funded (full)
Amalia Thomas Focus on the particle Nathalie Vriend DAMTP  
Emily Kruger Fluid dynamics of strong convective events in the atmosphere Prof Paul Linden DAMTP  
Jacob (Jake) Smith Processes determining stratospheric water vapour Prof Peter Haynes DAMTP  
Anthony Shillito Understanding the theatre of terrestrialization: Ordovician-Silurian sedimentary landscapes and continental ecosystems & other projects Neil Davies Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Clare  Donaldson Constraining magma pathways and pressure release mechanisms at Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii using seismicity Bob White Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Conor O'Malley Modern and ancient drainage of the continents. Nicky Wnite Earth Sciences  
Fergus McNab Dynamic Topography, Landscapes and Source-to-Sink.  Nicky Wnite Earth Sciences  
Fiona Iddon Eruption dynamics of peralkaline rhyolitic volcanism in the Main Ethiopian Rift Marie Edmonds Earth Sciences  
Fiona Llewellyn-Beard  Modelling (reactive) transport of migrating fluids: Efficient multi-component codes applied to geological carbon storage Mike Bickle Earth Sciences  
Isarapong Eksinchol The dynamical effects of deglaciation on magmatism John Rudge Earth Sciences  
Jonathon Smith Geomechanical properties of Groningen Reservoir, Netherlands, from deformation and seismicity.  Bob White Earth Sciences  
Katy  Relph Silicate and carbonate weathering from the Eastern Syntaxis of the Himalaya: The Mekong and Red River basins Ed Tipper Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Patrick Ball Magmatism as a Key to Unlocking Phanerozoic Dynamic Topography Nicky White Earth Sciences  
Sam Wimpenny E109: New insights into earthquake characteristics, fault behaviour, and the rheology of the lithosphere Alex Copley Earth Sciences  
Simon  Matthews Investigating the role of lithological heterogeneity in the storage and transport of mantle volatiles Oliver Shorttle Earth Sciences NERC Funded (half)
Thomasina  Ball Fluid driven elastic fracturing: Inflationary dynamics of shallow magmatic intrusions Jerome Neufeld Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Victoria  Honour Late-stage magmatic liquids and ore deposits: the Triple Group of the Skaergaard Intrusion, East Greenland Marian Holness Earth Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Aleksander Mottelli Investigating glacial history and sedimentary architecture of marine glaciated margins and their linkages to global climate Julian Dowdeswell Geography-SPRI  
Corrine Benedek Energy Absorption by Surface Lakes and Channels on The Greenland Ice Sheet Ian Willis Geography-SPRI  
Gao Wenkai The location and dynamics of Arctic treeline and its relationship with circumarctic snow cover variability Gareth Rees Geography-SPRI  
Rachel Seary Mangroves, fisheries and community livelihoods Tom Spencer (Geog) Geography-SPRI  
Yifu Wang Understand pangolin trade and market in China to reduce demand Nigel Leader-Williams Geography-SPRI  
Amirah Mohammad-Sidik Role of annexins in plant responses to ozone Julia Davies Plant Sciences  
Boris  Bongalov Tropical rainforest responses to anthropogenic global change: the rise of the liana seen through the lens of image spectroscopy David Coomes Plant Sciences NERC Funded (full)
Ebenezer Gyamera Using viral proteins as probes to understand the control of plant resistance to aphids, important plant pest and disease vectors John Carr Plant Sciences  
Netsai  Mhlanga Effects of plant pathogens of plant-pollinators relationships John Carr Plant Sciences  
Benno  Simmons What is the importance of pollinators for wild plant communities? Bill Sutherland Zoology NERC Funded (full)
Charlotte  Payne Food for the future? Quantifying the environmental, health and economic impacts of farming and eating insects Andrew Balmford Zoology NERC Funded (full)
Eleanor Tew Conservation Science Bill Sutherland Zoology  
Kathleen  Darragh Using molecular techniques to investigate the genetic basis of the phenotypes we see in nature, in testing how these phenotypes are related to evolutionary processes Chris Jiggins Zoology NERC Funded (full)
Liisa Hamalainen Behavioural Ecology Rose Thorogood Zoology  
Sophia Cooke Assessing the contribution of road traffic to declines in British bird populations Andrew Balmford Zoology  NERC I-CASE Funded (full)
Syuan-Jyun   Sun Behavioural Ecology Becky Kilner Zoology