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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

This spring ESS DTP students came together with their counterparts from EnvEast DTP for the third annual CEEDA (Cambridge and EnvEast Doctoral Alliance) Symposium. A total of 75 participants took part in two days of conference presentations and specialised training held at the Aurora Centre, British Antarctic Survey.

All second and third year students were given an opportunity to present either a poster or talk (with some first year students presenting too) and three students were selected to give plenary presentations for each of the conference themes: Solid Earth and Natural Hazards; Climate, Marine and Atmospheric Systems; Biology and Environmental Sciences.

On Day 2 students were given the choice of parallel sessions hosted by the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) and InfoHackit. For the CSaP workshop, students engaged in panel discussions with speakers from academia, industry and government and then assumed the role of policy advisers in a group activity to brainstorm recommendations on a pressing policy issue.

In the Infohackit session, participants were given a run-through of design concepts and infographics software before being set free to create individual illustrations and work in groups to tackle an infographics challenge.

Thank you to the conference organisers and participants. And thank you to everyone who tweeted under the hashtag #CEEDA2018.

We’re already making plans for the fourth annual CEEDA Symposium in early April 2019!