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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Landscape Awards (Training Partnerships)

Graduate Research Opportunities

DTP Management

The Cambridge NERC DTPs are managed centrally to coordinate selection of the best students, the maintenance of high standards and reporting, and ensure that DTP members benefit from a vibrant and active research community with multidisciplinary training opportunities.

Prof Marie Edmonds, C-CLEAR DTP Chair, Department of Earth Sciences

Dr Gareth Marshall, BAS Liaison, British Antarctic Survey (BAS)

Prof Ian Willis, Recruitment Lead, Department of Geography/SPRI

Prof Daniel Field, Training Lead, Department of Earth Sciences

Prof William Sutherland, External Partners Lead, Department of Zoology

Dr Alex Piotrowski, Welfare and Progress Lead, Department of Earth Sciences

Dr Amy Donovan, Equality and Diversity Lead, Department of Geography


Ruth Noble, DTP Administrator (

Dr Kathleen McDougall, DTP Training Facilitator (