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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

DREAM is a new Centre for Doctoral Training in ‘Data, Risk And Environmental Analytical Methods’, established between four leading Universities – Cranfield, Newcastle, Cambridge, and Birmingham.

In our increasingly digital world, ‘big data’ is becoming increasingly important to business and society. Collected by devices from mobile phones to unmanned aerial vehicles, from satellite remote sensing devices to embedded sensor networks, often data sets are so large and complex that it becomes difficult to apply traditional data processing applications. The combination of a variety of data originating from disaggregated sources offers potential to reveal new understanding. The challenges of such volumes of data necessitate a new generation of analytical tools and approaches to fulfil these opportunities. Allied to this is the need for a new generation of data scientists and informaticians, who are wholly conversant in theory and practice, and able to seize the opportunities of Big Data to design and implement effective risk mitigation strategies for academe, industry, NGOs and government across the environmental sciences.

The UK Government recognises a skills gap in this area, and this Cranfield-led Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) will help bridge this gap, developing and shaping industry and policy leaders able to draw effectively on big data to improve operational efficiencies, cost reductions and reduce risk.

The DREAM CDT, announced on 3rd Feb, 2015, will provide the opportunity for 30 fully-funded PhD studentships in three cohorts to undertake postgraduate research and to apply practical big data analytics. The training will combine excellence in risk mitigation science with cutting-edge big data interpretation across the environmental sciences.

Please visit the DREAM CDT website for more details.