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Overall winners of the NERC Impact Awards

Professor John Pyle and Dr Neil Harris from the University of Cambridge Department of Chemistry have been named the overall winners of the inaugural NERC Impact Award for their work to demonstrate the effect of man-made gases on the ozone layer. The awards recognise and reward the value of NERC science to the UK's economy, society, wellbeing and international reputation.

In the NERC announcement Professor John Pyle said:

"It's a huge honour to get these awards from NERC. As scientists, we strive to understand the natural world and, of course, we feel we have made major contributions to the understanding of many aspects of ozone depletion.

We also feel passionately that these scientific advances should have an impact on national and international policy, for the benefit of all, which we have achieved through our involvement in the Montreal Protocol process. We are absolutely delighted that these efforts have been recognised by NERC.

This award is particularly special for us as the Antarctic Ozone Hole was originally discovered by Joe Farman and colleagues working at the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge. Joe worked very closely with us for many years after his retirement from BAS."