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Cambridge NERC Doctoral Training Partnerships

Graduate Research Opportunities

Projects for NERC -funded Research Experience Placements (REPs) 2023 - APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED


The 15 projects open for applications are listed here. Please email for full details of the project/s that you are interested in.


1. How much marine microplastic surrounds Antarctica? Quantifying microplastic pollution from multiple in situ data sets and weather conditions. (Lead supervisor: Dr Aidan Hunter, British Antarctic Survey)

2. Using Earth Observations and climate models to estimate how snow and rain in the Antarctic will change in a warming world (Lead supervisor: Dr Andrew Orr, British Antarctic Survey)

3. Antarctic krill - fast food or fine dining? (Lead supervisor: Dr Gabriele Stowasser, British Antarctic Survey)

4. Interaction between zooplankton and carbon export in the Southern Ocean (Lead supervisor: Dr Clara Manno, British Antarctic Survey)

5. How does aerosol in Cambridge compare to measurements from the Arctic? (Lead Supervisor: Dr Amelie Kirchgaessner, British Antarctic Survey)

6. Vertical distribution of microplastic sin the Southern Ocean (Lead supervisor: Dr Emily Rowlands, British Antarctic Survey)

7. Quantifying polar atmospheric ozone loss due to bromine chemistry (Lead supervisor: Dr Xin Yang, British Antarctic Survey)

8. Modelling hydrology and impact on greenhouse gas emissions from the fens (Lead supervisor: Professor Alexandra Turchyn, Earth Sciences)

9. Assessing predation pressure on Neogene freshwater gastropods (Lead supervisor: Professor Liz Harper, Earth Sciences)

10. Modelling of plant growth in response to climate conditions (Lead supervisor: Professor Andrew Friend, Geography)

11. Monitoring Vegetation Change in The Scottish Highlands (Lead supervisor: Professor David Coomes, Plant Sciences)

12. Herbarium-Based Biodiversity and Systematics Investigations (Lead supervisor: Dr Sam Brockington, Plant Sciences)

13. Improving carbon storage within the Fens (Lead supervisor: Dr Jérémy Fonville, Plant Sciences)

14. Impact of morphology on hydrodynamic performance in crustaceans: insights for the Cambrian radiation of arthropods (Lead supervisor: Dr Emily Mitchell, Zoology)

15. Multifunctionality of insect cuticular lipids: effects of temperature acclimation on surface adhesion and water-proofing (Lead supervisor: Professor Walter Federle, Zoology)